The idea for New Orleans Paint + Design was first conceived in 1998, during a large indoor mural production for the STATE PALACE THEATER on Canal St.   Two 18 yr old kids laying on a pile of spray cans never dreaming of a day when the spray would pay.   Since that time they have painted numerous murals in and around New Orleans for such clients as Coca-Cola, SOBe, the ACE Hotel, Buku Music Experience, the Ogden Museum and NORD, as well as over a dozen major motion pictures.  The founder was a co-curator and a featured artist in the mural exhibition EXHIBIT BE, and the 'History of New Orleans Graffiti' exhibit at the Ogden museum of Southern Art.  After nearly two decades of experience with producing public art and murals the umbrella company known as New Orleans Paint + Design was officially formed.    

New Orleans P+D is the portal through which people can get in touch with artists to make interesting use of public space.   We seek to employ a range of working artists to beautify the city based on who's style most fits the desired aesthetic.   Working with a wide range of skill sets allows us to offer a variety of services, including art installation, photo retouching, wood + metal work, and mural and design services.    We seek to add to our great city's cultural economy by providing a service to local people and offer artistic advertisements for clients who understand the value of traditional hand-painted imagery versus digital media.

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New Orleans P + D is a registered tradename of The Inkwell Press.